Friday, September 10, 2010

The Daily Casper....

One of my favorite blogs is The Daily Coyote. I found it a couple of years ago and it's a daily destination for me. Shreve Stockton is a 33 year old woman who lives in Wyoming on a farm with a cow, a horse, a dog, a cat and a coyote. The coyote--named Charlie--found her when he was orphaned as a little pup after his parents were shot for killing sheep. Charlie is as much a part of the family as any other dog. Shreve takes daily pictures of Charlie living life on the farm. The pictures are gorgeous. Not only because they feature Charlie, who is beautiful in all his wildness anyway, but she catches him in the Wyoming wildness.

It made me giggle to think if I posted daily pictures of my cat, Casper. He is strictly a house cat, so his 'prop' possibilities are trimmed down quite a bit, but none the less, here is my experiment after one week.

The Daily Casper:

Squirrel Whisperer....

Contemplating Trouble

Hours of Fun

Cool Ceramic Hammock

Bed Stealer....

I have to say that I was shocked at all the different poses I got of Casper because I always see him only doing 3 things --laying on the bed, sitting at the food dish or digging to China in the litter box (I'm not taking pictures of that, sorry). Hard as I try I can not get a picture of him playing with his toys because as soon as he sees me coming with the camera he stops and rubs up against the lens. All that produces is a bunch of blurry, black face shots. Maybe The Daily Casper wasn't as unadventurous as I thought it would be. Thanks, Shreve for the inspiration. And thanks for sharing Charlie with me everyday!

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