Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fall Creeps In....

The last of the summer tomatoes....

Yesterdays weekly trip to the Farmer's Market was very nice for a couple of reasons. 1--we hit it earlier than normal, so we beat the crowd, and 2--Fall time produce is starting to show up. It was kinda sad to see that all the fresh corn from summer is gone. Last weekend, there was corn in every booth. Not anymore. There are still plenty of tomatoes and okra and peaches, but those will soon be phased out too.

Apples have arrived! Every type you could ever want is there and cheap too! We bought 3 varieties yesterday from one farmer for .89 a pound. When the grocery store is selling 'Imported from Chile' apples for $1.89 all the way up to $2.29 a pound, WHY wouldn't you by from the farmers???? Local and fresh is always gonna be better....and cheaper!

The Mums are starting to show up too. I love Mums! I'll wait a couple of more weeks and then I will load up the truck with pots of gigantic mums and place them on the steps leading up to our front door. Ahhhh....there is no doubt.....Fall is coming.....

Mum buds....


(This is so not my photo. I don't have
the camera to get this detail. This
is gorgeous.

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